Picture it:  family and friends talking and laughing, the smell of good food wafting in from the kitchen, and the sound of domino tiles sliding across the table as the players mix the set to start another round.  Close your eyes, and you’re there, surrounded by the people who shaped your character, and made you who you are.   The game of dominoes is a cultural tradition that served to connect our families, in ways social media can never recreate.   I remember these times with bittersweet longing, wishing I could bring back the simplicity of the moment and the loved ones I shared it with.   And there is a great reason that old timers hold onto this classic game - it’s because it evokes those memories of a bygone era when people really, truly socialized, face to face.  Through the game, they can feel that spirit of community and relive all the good memories.


Now picture this:  You, seated with your own family and friends around the table, laughing and joking.  You, enjoying this moment, with your own kids, as you teach them how to play the game.  They will remember those moments just as fondly as you remember the ones from your childhood.  Imagine, really connecting with your family and friends, and creating lasting bonds through a game that represents a piece of your heritage. Paying tribute to our roots and our history, we have created a sophisticated piece that will help you do exactly that - it is designed to recapture all the enjoyment of this time-honored game, but with an updated, refined design.   While staying faithful to our heritage, this gaming table marries Latin culture with mid-century modern elegance.  It is a retro-inspired piece that is sure to wow the guests at the next get-together.  Rediscover and revive your family traditions with this future heirloom, the Nostalgia Domino Table.


  • Handcrafted of solid walnut
  • Mid-Century Modern inspired
  • Stands at 31” tall
  • 40X40 square top featuring a contrasting trim of curly Maple
  • Striking raised 24X24 panel for play of Ash burl
  • Table top is easily detached for storage
  • Each piece is custom made to order


Additional options for wood and finishing are available; please contact us for a quote


Shipping is free for Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.  For all other counties, please contact us for a quote. 


Nostalgia Domino Table

$2,500.00 Regular Price
$1,999.00Sale Price
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